7 Years Later

It has been seven years since the last Roskin Gem News Report (RGNR) was sent, and it feels good to be back!

One of the pleasures I’ve missed over the past seven years has been reporting on the gem news from around the globe!

This new version of the RGNR has an upgrade worth noting. We have a Constant Contact monthly Newsletter which links directly to the RGNR website. Within the website are numerous categories where you can choose to look at everything newsworthy, or focus on a specific topic. The new RGNR has all the same subject matters as before, just in drop down menus, with both original content as well as curated news, all designated and credited.

So let’s get started – Here’s where you should look!

First, at the very top of the website is a very important menu, where you can find out more about the RGNR, subscribing so we do not lose your email address for the monthly newsletter, advertising support of the newsletter, as well as a full list of our advertisers and their services.

Next, is the more obvious menu, featuring Trade News, Trade Shows, Gems & Minerals, Education in Gems, and a personal note from me. Every one of these menu headings has several topics of interest in a drop down menu. You can click on the heading to see all of the feature news, or you can click on the specific topic in the drop down menu.

And at the bottom of every page, on the right hand side, you will find a list and tabulation of the most popular feature stories. Click on the one you want to explore.

This should get you started, and from there, it’s up to you as to where you go next! ENJOY!

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