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About Us

The Roskin Gem News Report (RGNR) is a combination of original content along with the most significant news stories from around the globe, all focused on the natural gemstone industry.

Designed for gem enthusiasts, whether amateur or professional, the RGNR prides itself on being one of the best online destinations for gemstone information, easy to read, enjoyable, and visually fascinating.

RGNR is more than just another blog or influential marketing publication. It is a journal, a magazine, a destination for international gem industry news, news that we feel has importance to the industry and to everyone who considers themselves a lover of gems.

Gemological Knowledge

Gemology is a practice. It started with in-residence study at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California, completing the FGA program with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) and continued into laboratory experience, teaching at GIA and F.I.T., and working with international associations. We stay up-to-date by reading as much as possible, examining gem materials as often as possible, and by talking with the people who do the same.

Journalistic Integrity

Authoring the diamond grading reference book Photo Masters for Diamond Grading as well as being the Sr. Gemstone Editor for both Jewelers Circular Keystone Magazine (JCK) and the Baselworld Daily News, has given us great opportunities to teach through writing. The RGNR is simply a continuation of that passion.

International Expertise

This industry is international, from the mining of its raw materials to the gem enthusiasts who love to work with them, own them, and wear them. Communicating directly with international gem communities allows us to stay current, and most importantly to report with confidence and accuracy.

Original Content

Much of what we like to provide is original content. Our one-on-one interviews with important people in the industry give you a more personal connection to what is happening in the world of natural colored gemstones.

Images are either personally taken at gem shows, or provided by those interviewed.

Curated Content

Many times there are news features published in the press that are of great interest and of a timely fashion where we want to share what we have found.

All credit is noted to the news source and author, along with an appropriate link. We appreciate their work, and hope that they will appreciate ours as well.