Intergem: Idar-Oberstein’s Premier Show

Gary Roskin

If you are in the gem business, then you know about Idar-Oberstein, Germany, with its 500+ year history of gem cutting, producing many of the world’s finest polished, carved, and faceted gems.

But have you been to Idar-Oberstein? To say that this place is rich with gemstone history is quite the understatement. And there’s really no better way to understand it than to attend Intergem.

Put Intergem on your to-do list.

With approximately 80 exhibitors, one might believe that this show is too small to bother with. But on the contrary, attending Intergem’s comfortable intimate setting is exactly what you need.

And here’s why.

Kreis Jewellery GmbH & Co. KG / Kreis Cuts

Rubellite ring 23.3 cts. 18K gold; 26 Diamonds

The Kreis family is known for exquisite gem-set jewelry and loose stones. Long time show exhibitors, they are proud of their heritage and the show. “Intergem is at the doorstep of our Atelier in Idar-Oberstein, representing the core of the heart of our local gem and jewellery industry. A home-play for us.”

Many of the exhibitors and attendees were very happy with the show this year. “Throughout the years, exhibitors have built up a regular customer base of jewelers, connoisseurs, and lovers of unique gems and jewellery.”

“So history-loaded our family is… so passionate we are. Centuries of experience always striving for the exceptional, the rare, the cut. And the best when it comes to tourmalines of the ancient mines of Brazil, Santa Maria Aquamarines, rare Sapphires from Sri Lanka and Burma. Alexandrite Cat’s Eyes, and many more. Not to forget our famously unique Kreis Cuts.”

Spectacular 50 carat yellow sapphire, no heat, Sri Lankan

“This makes the Intergem a good show for us, even in considered challenging times.”

As they say, because the best stays the best, in clients and materials.

Art Deco / Art Nouveau | Uwe Groth “Art-Deco” | All pieces of jewelry are made by hand and can be delivered after the trade fair upon request.

Torben Skov Pearls

Even with pearl prices skyrocketing, Torben Skov of Torben Skov Pearls, Denmark, told us that they had a good show. “We had an OK fair,” says Skov. While the show and traffic are modest, “the visitors that did attend were buyers,” so overall, they were happy.

Pricing of pearls is certainly an issue. Skov noted that South Seas pearls have risen 400% in just 1 1/2 years, and Tahitian pearls have increased by at least 100%.

“It is generally difficult to find pearls when production is as low as it is.” But all wholesalers are short of pearls these days, says Skov. “When the Chinese buy everything, it becomes extremely difficult. I just participated in an auction and couldn’t get anything.”

But he did see some spectacular pearls. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such large and lustrous pearls offered at auction. It was an absolutely outstanding harvest, and the reason is that the pearls have been in the ocean longer, due to the pandemic.”

Katerina Perez, Gem & Jewelry Influencer

Katerina Perez was at Intergem this year, presenting Instagram workshops. For over 12 years, the jewellery and gemstone insider and journalist has been sharing the highlights of the international jewellery community to her 372,000 Instagram followers. Her trademark is in promoting the work of talented jewellers across the globe, from established brands to fledgling designers.

Perez also hosted the Intergem fashion show, as seen here.

Martin P. Steinbach, Steinbach Gems

“The atmosphere of the Idar-Oberstein ‘living room like’ fair was quite good,” noted Steinbach, known for his fascination and expertise in asteriated gem materials (stars).

“There were a few new companies exhibiting, a new gem-tec area implemented, Katerina Perez, the famous influencer, presented a splendid show… But on the other hand, some of the big players of the local gem industry were missing. Gladly, some of them declared already, that they will be back next year.”

The Steinbach-gems with a Star company faired well selling asteriated gems, and of course, the ‘Big Book’ – Asterism-Gems with the Star.

Steinbach was also presenting his new book: Star Gems – A Fascinating World. Martin has a Standard edition, a VIP edition, and a VIS Edition which should be available by the end of October, ready for the Munich Gem World.

He was not only impressed with the show, he was also impressed by the evening activities. “After a day of buying and wheeling and dealing, the organizers offered a fantastic evening program: free opportunities to visit two museums, an industry monument (Bengel), a mine (Steinkaulenberg), a cutting factory (Weiherschleife), the German Gemmologcal Association (DGemG) and a free gin tasting, – all until 22.00 o´clock.”

According to Steinbach, the venue participants were all very happy and touched with this successful special program. Intergem organizers received a lot of praise, and so proclaimed that this will be again offered in 2024.

Looking forward to the 40th anniversary show next year 2024, a very proud Steinbach noted, “We exhibitors have to stand together. This exhibition is, in my opinion, crucial for our market place and the 500-year industry here in Idar-Oberstein.”

We are certain Martin will have a star studded appearance at next year’s Intergem!

Gem varieties presented by Groh & Ripp


Emil Weis Opals KG

Here is another local on the exhibitors list that you should visit at Intergem. “We were happy to show our variety of opals,” says Tanja Schuetz of Emil Weis Opals. “Mexican Fire Opals, Black Opals, Light Opals, as well as Boulder and Yowah-Nut Opals.” They have an extensive inventory of premium quality opals.

The Roth Cameo Company

“You always get to meet new, and interesting people at Intergem,” notes Andreas Roth of Roth Cameo. Take a close look at the quality of craftsmanship in each of the cameos seen in the images here. Truly outstanding work.

And like most exhibitors, Roth too was impressed by the show. “Katerina Perez goes Intergem” was a complete success, along with the “Long Night of the Gemstones.” I’ll be there again next year!

annsus – take a look

Annesuse Raquet loves fossils, and creates works of art, both for display and as wearable art, using what mother nature has left for us to find. As it says on their website, to “underline the individuality and attractiveness of real fossils.”

“I showed a selection of my jewelry and decorative objects at Intergem, all combined with million-year-old fossils,” said Raquet. “Ammonites, fossilized corals, dinosaur teeth, petrified fishes, huge megalodon teeth, each exhibit tells a story and is unique. My display case in the ‘Creativum’ created a lot of conversation.”

It certainly caught our attention!

The pictured necklace consists of aquamarine beads with a 100-million-year-old ammonite (with natural shimmer of the mother of pearl shell) in the center of which sparkles a cut aquamarine. The necklace is presented on a fossil oyster.
Parcel Broker
Looking for new business, Sascha Hagedorn of Parcel Broker was one of several service exhibitors, working mainly with watches, but hoping to incorporate diamond and colored gemstone distributers.
Osmium was reportedly a very popular non-gem exhibitor, promoting the use of Osmium in manufacture. Scarlett Clauss, vice director for Osmium, tells us that this certainly rings true, as they were so busy, they didn’t have time for any breaks.

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