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Petra Diamonds Confident it will Deliver Revised Guidance for Fiscal Year 2023

By Mining Review Africa
Apr 19, 2023

Petra Diamonds, mining in South Africa as well as Tanzania, conduct four underground* mining operations: the Cullinan Mine (originally the Premier mine – SA), the Finsch mine (SA), the Koffiefontein mine (SA), and the Williamson Mine (*underground and open cast, TZ). The annual caratage recovered from both the Williamson and Koffiefontein is less than 300,000 carats (avg. 2021/2), while the Cullinan and Finsch produce well over 1 million carats.

Petra Diamonds Operations

Williamson: 228,070 carats FY 2022 Production
Koffiefontein: 59,151 carats FY 2021 Production
Finsch: 1.3m carats FY 2022 Production
Cullinan: 1.6m carats FY 2022 Production

Petra had earlier estimated total recovery for this year at under 3 million carats, revised estimates place that number at close to 4 million. Fiscal year 2024 and 2025 estimates show continued growth expected.

Tap here for the full report in Mining Review Africa.

Roskin Gem News Report
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