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Bathing in Gems: Gemology Cosmetics Paris

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Roskin Gem News Report

“The amenities that your establishment provides are your signature and a reflection of how you value your guests; they are the essence and focal point for the ultimate comfort of guests. At Groupe GM our raison d’être is in offering amenities that reflect your brand and perfectly fit your aspirations whilst remaining respectful to nature.”

Groupe GM, named for its founder, Georges Marchand, provides “added value to the hospitality specialists by offering them quality cosmetic products in partnership with renowned brands.” They are a distribution company specializing in the hospitality industry and specifically for hotels and spas. Groupe GM has recently launched new hotel amenities from Gemology Cosmetics Paris.

Back in 1972, L’Oréal and Ô de Lancôme were the first brands to support GM’s business model. Over the past 45 years, it has since grown to a portfolio of almost 50 brands, and operating in over 70 countries.

One of 49 different brands supported by Groupe GM, Gemology’s hotel amenity range consists of a bath shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and hair & body gel.

Gemology Cosmetics Paris

No doubt the name of the company has grabbed our attention. And so what exactly do they have to do with gemstones and gemology?

According to the Gemology Cosmetics Paris website, they use minerals found in gem materials for creating luxury cosmetics. “Thanks to sophisticated liquefaction technics for minerals, Gemology extracts the trace elements, naturally concentrated in gemstones, to blend them into its skincare products. The action of these precious minerals pass on proven effectiveness to Gemology products.”

Chrystelle Lannoy, Gemology Founder 

“With Gemology, I share my passion for minerals and offer you a line of innovative, ultra-efficient French cosmetics based on science. Formulas with trace elements and textures that create emotions, to meet all beauty routines. From the simplest to the most sophisticated.”


Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, and Copper, are the minerals needed for their line of cosmetics. Reportedly, they extract these from gem materials such as Ruby, Sapphire, and Peridot. According to Gemology Cosmetics, “these trace elements enable to stimulate the biological functions to prevent, repair and protect the skin from time passing and our oxidative environment.” It is also claimed that Gemology Cosmetics uses “diamond extracts.”

“Some minerals come from nearby regions, such as Peridot, which is found in large quantities in the Massif Central in France.

Others come from more distant regions, such as Tourmaline, Sapphire and Opal from Brazil or Jade from Asia.

We supply the natural stones in raw form and extract them in liquid form in France, using our own process.”

“Sapphire is rich in iron to stimulate collagen and firm up the skin, while diamond provides a soft-focus effect and has an anti-wrinkle power.” Well, Peridot could also be rich in iron (Mg, Fe)2SiO4, and Diamond could provide for skin polishing, an exfoliant, yes? Is it the aluminum in corundum Al2O3 that tightens up the skin? We know that aluminum compounds are used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. In antiperspirants, aluminum salts are the ingredients that prevent sweating. Of course, we do have iron as a coloring agent in sapphire and ruby, but not a lot compared to aluminum. That is why they are called “trace elements.” Well, isn’t this interesting?

The Business

Quoted in Travel News Asia magazine, “We are delighted to work with Gemology to update this successful collaboration by introducing more eco-friendly amenities to this enriching and luxurious line. Similar to the vision shared by Chrystelle Lannoy and Gemology, we at Groupe GM, are constantly striving for creativity, quality and innovation,” said Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM. “This line deeply reflects our core values and will enable hotels worldwide to pamper their guests with amenities that highlight the natural benefits of precious minerals.”

Roskin Gem News Report
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