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In Memoriam:
Award Winning Gem Artist Tom Munsteiner – 54

4-27-69 to 12-28-23

The iconic Munsteiner brand is a family name the international gemstone community holds in highest esteem. It is synonymous with award winning artistic gemstone cutting, and with the term “Fantasy Cut.”

Beryl “Maverick”
172.72 carats
Tom Munsteiner

The son of legendary gem artisan Bernd Munsteiner, Tom Munsteiner, an incredibly talented gem artist himself, was carrying on the family tradition, creating even more beautiful objets d’art and gem-set jewelry along with his wife Jutta and son Philipp. Many of Tom’s works have won awards, from the AGTA Spectrum and Cutting Edge Awards competition, the European Product Design Awards competition, The Gemmys, the Platinum Couture Design Awards, the German Jewellery and Precious Stone Design competition, and so many more.

Tom unexpectedly passed away on December 28th. He was only 54 years old.

The industry has lost a young giant. He will most assuredly be dearly missed by all. – gr

The following words are from the Munsteiner family…

(courtesy of Shelly Sergent, Curator, Somewhere In The Rainbow Collection)

Bernd, Philipp, Tom and Jutta Munsteiner pictured here.

It is with heavy hearts, we share the sorrowful news of our husband, son and father, Tom Munsteiner, passing. 

Tom passed at home on December 28th, 2023. The family is requesting privacy as they prepare services to honor Tom ~ his legacy to the gem world, and more importantly, his family. 

The owner of Atelier Munsteiner in Stipshausen, Germany (near Idar Oberstein), Tom was a world renowned, multi time award winning, gem carver who took a bold approach to his unique cutting styles. A Munsteiner gemstone is a work of art and Tom was a true visionary of lapidary works. 

Son of Bernd Munsteiner, Tom (4th generation), learned the craft of meticulous gem carving and created his personal style of creative genius within the gemstones, making them highly collectible and valuable. 

Tom will be remembered fondly for his hardy laugh and sharing of knowledge with others in the lapidary community. 

Jutta Munsteiner, (Tom’s wife) and Philipp Munsteiner, (Tom’s son) will carry on the highly specialized work along with their team in Germany. 

Jewels from the Atelier Tom Munsteiner website,

To honor Tom, the family requests you visit their booth at GJX or the Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery during the gem fair in Tucson, Arizona -January 31-February 4th, 2024. Here, they will regale the life, passion and gems of their beloved, Tom Munsteiner. 

Tom is survived by Philipp to Jutta, Hanne and Bernd Munsteiner (parents), and other extended family members. 

“In peace, we wish our friends, clients and colleagues around the world, a happy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your respect and support.”

Jutta, Philipp, Bernd & Hanne Munsteiner

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