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GIA & IGI Offer 1-Day Verification Services

GIA and IGI to Offer Same-Day Report Verification

Concerns over the increase in counterfeit GIA inscriptions has labs offering 1-day verification service!

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Jan. 9, 2024 – The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is taking strong action in response to reports of fraudulent GIA inscriptions on laboratory-grown diamonds cut to nearly match GIA graded natural diamonds.

Beginning next week, GIA will offer clients a same day service to verify GIA inscriptions, confirming that a diamond with a GIA inscription matches the inscribed GIA report number. Details of the service will be announced shortly.

Taking Fraud Seriously
“Combatting this fraud is vital to protecting the public and ensuring their confidence in gems and jewelry – this is GIA’s mission,” said GIA President and CEO Susan Jacques. “We, like Tiffany, Cartier and other well-known global companies who are vigilant about protecting their valuable brands from counterfeiting and fraud, will take vigorous action to protect GIA and the trust consumers place in us.”

As you have seen here in the Roskin Gem News Report, GIA and others have reported several instances over the past few years of laboratory-grown or treated natural diamonds being cut to nearly match the attributes and measurements of GIA-graded natural untreated diamonds – including laser inscription!

The GIA encourages any other gemological laboratory, industry organization, company or individual to report any instance of counterfeiting of GIA inscriptions to the appropriate industry organizations and law enforcement and provide GIA with details of the fraudulent stones and the persons or organizations that submitted them. GIA will take appropriate measures, including legal action, to ensure the perpetrators and anyone complicit in the fraud face justice.

IGI, International Gemological Institute, and the Italian lab, Gem-Tech Istituto Gemmologico, have reported encounters of created diamonds accompanied by GIA reports and laser inscriptions meant to deceive the buyer. Both have sent press releases with warnings to the jewelry trade, and seen here in the Roskin Gem News Report.

IGI Launches Same-Day Diamond Verification Program for DMIA Members

IGI Diamond Grading Lab

On the heels of uncovering the 6 carat created submitted with natural report and inscription, IGI and the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association (DMIA) have joined forces to introduce a same-day diamond verification initiative initially for DMIA members. Once established, IGI will be offering this to additional groups in the diamond industry.

The diamond verification service, developed by IGI in collaboration with DMIA, ensures a same-day, expedited turnaround time for both single stones and parcels. DMIA members can access the service by completing a submission form, available through the organization or at the IGI intake counter in their offices located at 545 Fifth Avenue, 11th Floor. 

“Ensuring the authenticity of diamonds is crucial and our partnership with DMIA allows us to offer a sought after, same-day verification service. This collaboration highlights the commitment of IGI and DMIA to uphold industry standards,” states Avi Levy, President of IGI North America.

Stuart Samuels, President of DMIA adds, “We cannot overstate the importance of diamond verification in order to protect the integrity of the natural diamond industry and the reputation of each of our members.”

For decades, GIA has trained law enforcement officers with basic diamond and gem identification knowledge so they can better understand the industry, including counterfeiting. The Institute will continue to work with law enforcement on this issue by diligently reporting the circumstances and details of counterfeiting and fraud to the appropriate trade and law enforcement agencies.

GIA Takes Steps to Counter Fraudulent Inscriptions on Lab-Grown


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Staggering Numbers!
GIA notes that there are approximately 10,000 high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) presses in China producing laboratory-grown diamonds. In India, the number of carbon vapor deposition (CVD) reactors is almost 7,000, producing as much as one million carats each month, with plans for a significant increase.

The expansion of production and lower manufacturing costs makes it affordable for those who would commit fraud to cut and polish created diamonds to match natural diamond grading reports. One should verify all diamonds to make certain they are represented properly.

HPHT Factory
CVD Factory

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