GIA’s flagship publication Gems & Gemology – Fall 2022

Methods and Challenges of Establishing the Geographic Origin of Diamonds
Sapphire Beneath the Rich Black Soil of Muling, Northeastern China
Gems on Canvas: Pigments Historically Sourced from Gem Materials
Color Mechanism and Spectroscopic Thermal Variation of Pink Spinel Reportedly from Kuh-i-Lal, Tajikistan

Gems on Canvas is a particularly interesting feature in this quarter’s G&G. Authored by Britni LeCroy, staff gemologist in GIA’s Carlsbad facility, this article is a deep dive into the historical pigments created by grinding up gem materials and then applied as the colors we see in beautiful works of art. This is a topic that has often been talked about casually, but Gems on Canvas gives us a more thorough understanding as to when and how these materials were actually utilized.

Photo by Robert Weldon.

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