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Crystal pipes – are they actually safe to smoke?

AUGUST 9, 2023

Not a good idea!

When crystal pipes images hit influencer accounts, everyone was clicking “add to cart” at the online headshop. Crystal pipes are ethereal, drawing in people with myriad interior decor styles.

And touted as “all natural.”

These pipes provide the perfect visual for a layout or cannabis photoshoot and add a nice touch to a stoned night in with friends. The cute smoking accessory was built for the social media era, and it showed.

Soon after the first lovely pipe hit the market, they were everywhere. Today, a quick Etsy search yields over 3000 results. They’re clearly popular, but is it safe to smoke from them?

Caption: from left to right… Labradorite, Fluorite, Agate, and Rose Quartz.

Why here in the Roskin Report?

We report on all gem materials. This did catch our eye, and made us wonder, who amongst us could use an article like this? The following feature article is from the Greenstate Field Guide Newsletter (no, I do not subscribe…) and is an observational study only. But one can deduce fairly quickly that the answer as to whether or not it’s a good idea to use one of these for smoking, is No.

WIETSTOCK lists all of the nasty chemistry that could be sucked into your lungs, along with possible ailments they may cause. She not only discusses the make-up of specific gems, but also their possible polishing compounds left behind. Silica, asbestos, aluminum oxide, chromium oxide, …. you get the picture.

Give it a quick read. You being in the gem business, you may find it a good resource for family and friends.

Tap here to read the full report.

Roskin Gem News Report
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