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Best Jewelry At The 2023 Tony Awards


Move over Tony winners, because at the 2023 Tony Awards, it wasn’t just the performances that stole the show – the jewelry that left us speechless! From jaw-dropping diamonds that could outshine the brightest spotlights to earrings so big they needed their own standing ovation, let’s take a front-row seat to the sparkling spectacle and give credit where it’s due: the real stars of the night were those twinkling treasures, outshining even the brightest Broadway lights!

JULIANNE HOUGH wearing Jacob & Co, as well as Papillon.

BEE SHAFFER wearing some surprising estate pieces.

LEA MICHELE wearing Briony Raymond, and Jemma Wynne.

ANNALEIGH ASHFORD with Fred Leighton.

and so many more!

Here are a couple just to wet your appetite.

VICTORIA CLARK: Victoria Clark brought some serious “X” factor to the Tony Awards with her vintage Ceylon Sapphire ‘X’ necklace by Verdura worth a whopping $545,000. With those ‘Stardust’ sapphire and diamond earrings, she’s practically a walking starry night on Broadway! No wonder she took home the Best Leading Actress award—her jewelry game is out of this world!

STEPHANIE HSU: Stephanie Hsu slayed the Tony Awards with her ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ style, and those Mindi Mond New York freshwater pearl and diamond earrings deserve their own Tony for Best Supporting Bling! Who needs a spotlight when you can shine bright with pearls and diamonds?

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Roskin Gem News Report
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