PRESTIGE: If Barbie Wore High Jewellery…

03 AUG 2023

This month’s selection of pink baubles and magenta-hued stones is curated with Barbie in mind. You can also see other selections curated by our Barbie-obsessed editors here.

Now We’re Talkin Pink Jewels

If Barbie wore high jewellery – and we’re pretty sure she’d have rocked it – this pink-jewelled set from Chaumet would have caught her eye and allowed her to live her fullest princess fantasy. Inspired by the Iris flower, this parure in Le Jardin de Chaumet collection highlights magnificent spinels from a new mine in Tanzania that comes in a vivid crystalline rosé hue. A 24.26-carat spinel adorns a transformable necklace, matched with an asymmetrical ring with an 8.14-carat pink spinel and earrings with stones totalling 5.10 and 5.85 carats.

Le Jardin de Chaumet collection

Have we got your attention? Turn to PRESTIGE Magazine for the full gem-encrusted feature! HERE.

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