Roskin Gem News Report

A Canary in the Ruby Mine

by E. Billie Hughes and Wim Vertriest

Low-Temperature Heat Treatment Experiments on Burmese Ruby

Detection of low temperature heat treatment in ruby and sapphire can present challenges to gemologists. Alterations can be subtle and difficult to detect, yet this treatment can have a significant impact on the value of stones.

Lotus Gemology’s Billie Hughes, in collaboration with GIA’s Wim Vertriest, has conducted a series of heat treatment experiments on Burmese rubies. Their newly published results can help gemologists better understand and detect this type of treatment.

With thanks

We would like to thank the Accredited Gemologists Association for awarding us a research grant that helped to support these experiments.

Tap here to see the full report in Gems & Gemology Winter 2022

Roskin Gem News Report
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