Lozenge-shaped earrings by Forms made of carved ebony and rubies set in titanium and 18k gold - FORMS

Wearable Art: TEFAF Maastricht

Anthony DeMarco
Senior Contributor

Jewels That Celebrate Art And Craftsmanship At TEFAF Maastricht

Officials at TEFAF Maastricht said that attendance at the art, antique and design fair increased 20 percent year-on-year with the number of visitors at nearly 50,000 during the eight-day event that ended March 14.

The figures entails the two invitation-only preview days on March 7 and 8 that also saw record attendance, according to fair representatives, surpassing 8,000 collectors, including nearly 1,000 top officials from museums around the world.

“Verto,” a necklace by contemporary British artist, John Moore (2010) offered by Didier Ltd. at TEFAF Maastricht

These collectors and enthusiasts were there to see the works of 272 exhibitors from 22 countries spanning 7,000 years. Those who either create contemporary jewels or trade in vintage and antique jewels, many with important provenance, were among the mix of exhibitors at the fair.

Among the contemporary jewelry firms at TEFAF is an 11-year company called, Forms, based in Hong Kong. The dynamic, diversified city is known for business and for trade but not so much for creativity. The founders of Forms, Tzvika Janover and Elad Assor, are changing this perspective. Both Janover and Assor come from multi-generational families of diamond cutters. It’s a fairly common way to enter the world of high jewelry.

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