3,000 Roman Coins and Gems Unearthed

Jennifer Nalewicki

During ongoing excavations at Claterna, an ancient Roman site in Italy known as the “Pompeii of the North,” archaeologists unearthed 3,000 coins and 50 gems.

Archaeologists in Italy have unearthed more than 3,000 coins and 50 gems, many of which were emblazoned with the images of ancient Roman deities.

The massive finding was made during ongoing excavations at Claterna (also spelled Claternae), a Roman town located near modern-day Bologna, according to a translated statement from the Italian Ministry of Culture.

“We are facing the largest non-stratified archaeological area in Northern Italy,” Lucia Borgonzoni, the Italian undersecretary of state to the Ministry of Culture, said in the statement. “Given the importance and quantity of finds brought to light so far, we can probably speak of a Pompeii of the north.”

Two of the gems discovered at the ancient Roman site.  (Image credit: Roberto Macri/Soprintendenza Bologna)

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