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3 of Hong Kong’s Best Jewellery Designers

3 of Hong Kong’s best jewellery designers, from elder statesman Wallace Chan to Sarah Zhuang and Austy Lee, the home-grown talents inspired by the city’s energy, architecture and blend of cultures.

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Austy Lee’s The Notre Noeud ring from the Poetry of Art collection

Zhuang’s pieces are available at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and China, and at Handa Watch World in Japan. In 2019, her Urban Reflections rings won a HKTDC International Jewellery Design Excellence Award.

Sarah Zhuang Jewellery’s The Magnificent

Chan’s creations are displayed at Beijing’s Capital Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and London’s British Museum, with the latter piece a ring made using ‘The Wallace Chan porcelain.’

Jacqueline Kot
12 May, 2023

Hong Kong may not have the storied history in high jewellery that, say, Paris has, but that has not stopped jewellery designers here from producing stunning work that has attracted global attention. The city’s vibrant energy, stunning architecture, and unique mix of cultures have been cited by various designers as the key inspirations behind their creations.

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