To Be a Crown Jeweller

10 MAY 2023
Harper’s Bazaar

There aren’t many occasions that have most of the UK glued to their TV screens, but a coronation is undoubtedly one of them.

Two people who were watching with interest as King Charles III and Queen Camilla were crowned this weekend were Sara Prentice and Claire Scott, who were on the lookout for some rather specific details. “There’s the sceptre, which is an incredible piece,” says Prentice, while Scott was most excited to see Camilla, Queen Consort’s crown: “It was designed for Queen Mary and, as Camilla has favoured her tiaras in the past, I thought it suited her very well.”

As creative director and head of design respectively of historic jeweller Garrard, once the official crown jeweller, both Prentice and Scott have a unique insight into the royal family – specifically, the incredible gems they wear on state occasions such as this. Much of the regalia involved in the coronation was created or significantly remodelled by Garrard, including the King’s Imperial State Crown, Queen Mary’s Crown (which was worn by Camilla) and the Sovereign’s Sceptre.

What it means to be a crown jeweller – and the stories behind the royal family’s favourite pieces

From Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding tiara to Princess Diana’s engagement ring, former crown jeweller Garrard has been privy to some of the most incredible moments in the royal family’s history

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