The Best Jewelry at the 2023 Met Gala – the Women!

While it seems that Laura Lee at Who Wore What Jewels was one of the few who focused solely on the men, so many journals looked mainly at the women. And for obvious reasons. The jewels – and some dresses – were over the top – as one might expect.

Priyanka Chopra wearing the 11 carat Fancy Vivid Blue pear shape Bulgari Laguna Blu diamond

Town & Country had by far the most images, but unfortunately disappointing jewel descriptions. Vogue has a nice display of images and some better images of the jewels, but with only pedestrian descriptions – but still worthy of a look.

WhoWoreWhatJewels hit the high mark again, not only giving us great images of the women celebrities, but of the individual pieces of jewelry they are wearing!

For example, most sites pictured Priyanka Chopra (seen below) wearing the 11 carat Fancy Vivid Blue pear shape Bulgari Laguna Blu diamond, but the images were more about Chopra than the blue diamond.

Dua Lipa wore a Tiffany & Co. “100-carat diamond necklace” (Seen up top). Reports on the weight of the diamond necklace range from “over 100 carats” to “over 200 carats.”). Again, most coverage either focused on the star and not the jewel, or didn’t mention the jewel at all. Hard to miss a 100 carat diamond pendant!

So here is the link to so you do not miss any of the important Met Gala style.

other revues include Vogue and Town & Country …

May 2, 2023
Vogue Magazine

Tap here to see Vogue’s very nice overall review.

Town & Country Magazine

Tap here to see the full jeweled pictorial of the Women at the Met Gala in T&C!

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