Meteorites Found in Canada Cannot be Removed
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Meteorites found in Canada cannot be removed from the country without permit

Hina Alam –
The Canadian Press –

Catch a falling star if you can, and by all means put it in your pocket, but don’t try to cross international borders with it lest you run afoul of a little-known Canadian law.

A fireball ripped through the Earth’s atmosphere on April 8 and landed somewhere in the province, prompting the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum to offer a US$25,000 reward for the first one kilogram meteorite recovered.

But Chris Herd, a professor at the University of Alberta and curator of its meteorite collection, said obtaining the asteroid fragments won’t be as simple as making an offer. follow for more Roskingemnewsreport

“In Canada, all meteorites are considered Canadian cultural property automatically through the Cultural Property Export and Import Act,” he said in an interview. “… “If it’s public property, say an American comes in and finds (the meteorite,) they have to apply to export it from Canada. They may not actually take it out of Canada unless they have an approved export permit.”

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