Diamonds from Guyana, Ekanite from Sri Lanka, a New Amber Source in Vietnam, and More…
Duncan Pay, Editor-in-Chief

Other features include:
The Shape of Ekanite
Discusses the unusual surface characteristics of ekanite from secondary deposits in Sri Lanka.

Large Diamond Inclusion in Diamond
A fascinating diamond crystal inclusion displaying a transparent, ghost-like appearance is identified in a Faint green diamond.

Fracture-Filled Emerald with Mysterious Filler Patterns
Filler patterns resembling a labyrinth are observed in emerald fractures.

Flux-Grown Synthetic Beryl Overgrowth
Examination of a doubly terminated flux synthetic beryl crystal reveals inclusions of columbite, copper, and an air bubble within flux liquid.

Natural Diamond with Extensive Network of Etch Channels
Numerous etch channels are observed in a 5.19 ct type IIa natural diamond.

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