The World’s Largest Gem-quality Ruby Ever Discovered

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (NewsVoir)
• Extremely rare “pigeon-blood” rough ruby of an unprecedented 101 carats mined by Fura Gems in Mozambique
• World unveiling held at DMCC’s Dubai Diamond Exchange

Fura Gems Inc., the leading coloured-gemstone mining company headquartered in Dubai, UAE, today announced its historic discovery of the world’s largest gem-quality ruby ever mined at an event hosted by DMCC, the flagship Free Zone and Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise, at their Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE).

Rightfully christened Estrela de FURA (Star of FURA in Portuguese), this breathtaking 101-carat Mozambican gemstone is an unrivalled pigeon-blood ruby. Its vivid red hue, fluorescence, and clarity are extremely rare, making it intensely sought-after. For centuries, the finest of rubies have been synonymous with Mogok in Burma. Today, Estrela de FURA places the spotlight on Mozambique as a source of premium quality rubies. Recent scientific exploration has revealed its gem deposits’ true age, with Mozambican rubies being over 475 million years older than those of Burma. Follow Roskin Gem News Report for More Updates

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