Tanzanite with faceted diamond beads –

Tanzanite, a blue/purple color variety of Zoisite, is found only in the Merelani [Mererani] Hills of North Eastern Tanzania [near Mount Kilimanjaro]. While much of the gem material is heated to enhance or even produce this beautiful mix of blue and purple, there are tanzanites that come out of the ground this color – unheated by heat treaters – natural color.

This beautiful strand of tanzanite spherical beads is accented with faceted beads of diamond. The silk strand is knotted to prevent the diamond from rubbing up against and therefore scratching the tanzanite.

Note that you can see some tanzanite beads as predominantly blue while others are predominantly purple. These two colors are the dominant pleochroic colors of tanzanite. They are directional; blue in one direction, purple in another. Simply turn the bead and you will at some point see the other color.

Photo by Gary Roskin

Roskin Gem News Report
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