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Colorado’s great gems and where to find them

Seth Boster
The Gazette / Colorado News –

Figuratively, we see Colorado’s mountains as a collective treasure trove for all of the rewarding experiences they afford. The landscape is a treasure trove in a literal sense too.

Colorado Geological Survey reports the state naturally produces more than 30 varieties of gemstones. These are the most well-known:

The name is derived from the Amazon River, though the mineral is believed to elude the location. Colorado finds itself on a short list of noted sites worldwide. The blue-green prize pops from the stark gray of Pikes Peak granite.

Smoky Quartz
The Pikes Peak region’s amazonite is famously joined by this dark, cloudy gemstone, combining for a signature mantelpiece. Seekers have unearthed impressive clusters off Crystal Peak, looming like a pyramid over Lake George.

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Roskin Gem News Report
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