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Jewelry for Wildlife Fundraiser

Columbia Gem House Announces Jewelry for Wildlife Fundraiser

Press Release – August 2023

As the pioneering brand in responsible sourcing of colored gems, Columbia Gem House will be the first to tell you of the many elements in the supply chain that make up responsible sourcing. One of which is the environment, and the wildlife inhabiting it, in the places where our gems are produced.

Coming October 2023, Columbia Gem House (CGH) and non-profit partner CR2IFS will launch the Jewelry for Wildlife Fundraiser supporting wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and research along the Sonoran Coast of Mexico. CR2IFS supports the health and wellbeing of the wildlife relying on the same ecosystem as Cortez Pearl oysters; Cortez Pearls® being one of the featured gems in this year’s project.

100% of the raffle ticket sales will be donated to CR2IFS in support of their 2024 goal of building a saltwater tank for sea turtle rehabilitation.

About CR2IFS

CR2IFS is a non-profit organization committed to the protection and conservation of the native wildlife of Mexico. The group is responsible for a variety of programs ranging from rescue and rehabilitation of marine and terrestrial wildlife, to training local authorities and communities, involving fishermen, as well as sea turtle conservation through protecting nesting areas, and incubating then releasing baby turtles within the region of Guaymas and San Carlos along the Sea of Cortez.

Participating Designers

In conjunction with the 2023 MJSA Responsibly Sourced Design Challenge, participating designers were invited to physically create their pieces using responsibly sourced colored gems donated by Columbia Gem House. The following designers were selected to participate out of dozens of submitted applications.

Here are just a few of their designs we have so far. Check back again soon for more designs!

Amelia Mickelsen of Amelia Ray Jewelry

Amelia Mickelsen of Amelia Ray Jewelry

Andres Cardenas-Whorton of Nobles Metales

Andres Cardenas-Whorton of Nobles Metales

Megan Cochran of Megan Cochran Jewelry

Megan Cochran of Megan Cochran Jewelry

Claudia Gutsch of Goldammer Jewelry

Hannah Smythe of Toast Fine Jewelry

Kindred Lubeck of Jewels by Lubeck

Liz Stefany of Carrabassett Valley Jewelry

Olivia Shih of Olivia Shih Designs

Stephanie Maslow Blackman of Metalicious Jewelry

Mark Your Calendar for October 1st

Raffle tickets and design challenge voting will be available starting October 1st, 2023.

Raffle Tickets: Columbia Gem House Jewelry for Wildlife Fundraiser

Voting: MJSA 2023 Design Challenge

You can sign up for email notifications, where all fundraiser updates will be shared, at

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