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The World Record for the Most Diamonds

Posted April 20, 2023
By Samuel Ord
Jeweller Magazine

Hari Krishna Exports and distributor HK Designs just claimed the world record for most diamonds set in a single ring.

How many is that, you ask? According to the report, they set 50,907 diamonds, with a total weight of 130 carats.

We’ll get you to the story, but first, let’s do the math …

world record, Jeweller Magazine

130 carats divided by 50,907 diamonds = 0.00255 carats per diamond. 50 thousand quarter pointers! Any volunteers to set these?

My father used to call these diamonds “genuine canardlies,” … “because you can ‘ardly see ’em.”

Tap here to read the report in Jeweller Magazine

Roskin Gem News Report
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