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10 of the World’s Most Controversial Gemstones

These precious stones’ pasts are far from sparkly. 

By Indi Bains
Jul 17, 2023
Mental Floss online magazine

“Gems have been coveted for thousands of years—hoarded by rulers, looted by opportunists, used as bargaining chips by the desperate, and deployed in portraiture to signify wealth and status. Individual gems, inherited through generations, have dense and illustrious histories of passing between allies and foes that sometimes add to their value and allure. But many of the world’s most famous jewels hide a controversial or mysterious past behind their glittering façades.” – Mental Floss

The 10 most controversial gemstones according to Mental Floss are:

1. The Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan I, Great Star of Africa, 530.20 carats

2. La Peregrina Pearl

The natural tear drop pearl measures approximately 17.35 mm – 17.90 mm x 25.50 mm.

3. The Koh-i-noor Diamond

The largest diamond set in the Coronation Crown, weighing approximately 105.6 carats

4. The Black Prince’s Ruby 

In the Imperial State Crown, the large red buff-polished and drilled Black Prince’s Ruby is a Spinel

5. The Hope Diamond 

Weighing 45.52 carats, with a color of fancy dark greyish blue, the Hope Diamond is the most visited museum artifact in the world

6. The Hortensia Diamond 

7. The Lahore Diamond

The large antique pear shape diamond drop, pendant for the Coronation Necklace.

8. The Timur Ruby

9. The Star of Asia

Image by Chip Clark, Smithsonian.

10. The Tiffany Diamond

Lady Gaga wearing the Tiffany Diamond

To find out why these are considered controversial, read the full story in Mental Floss. Several video clips are also provided.
(There are a few questionable comments, but overall, they do make an excellent point.)


Roskin Gem News Report
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