Jewelry Details from Valentino & Fendi Fall 2023 Couture Collections


Valentino’s Fall Couture 2023 collection unveiled oversize earrings that redefine the phrase “shoulder-grazing.” These daringly bold statement pieces are the new ‘It’ chandeliers, turning heads and setting trends with every sway. And over at Fendi, the glitterati witnessed an haute couture revolution as the iconic fashion house flawlessly fused its first-ever high jewelry collection into the Fall Couture 2023 lineup

VALENTINO: This season, subtlety takes a backseat. It’s a declaration that when it comes to jewelry, more is more. The runway was a playground of extravagance as models strutted their stuff, flaunting shoulder-grazing waterfall earrings that could double as modern art installations – each studded with colossal jewels that dared to defy gravity. Let’s not forget the faux manicure statement rings consisting of oversized crystals! The Italian luxury fashion house isn’t just raising the bar; they’ve taken that bar, bedazzled it, and turned it into the ‘It’ chandelier of the season – a shining reminder that sometimes, more really is more, and going big isn’t just an option, it’s a fabulous obligation.

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