Why Coco Chanel Fell For This Icon Of Scottish Style

A love affair in the Scottish Highlands led to the creation of Chanel’s signature tweed jacket, which now returns to Britain in high jewellery form.

Inside Chanel’s ‘Ultimate Luxury’ Push: Jewellery, But Make It Tweed

British Vogue

Chanel tweed jacket is perhaps the most coveted fashion item in the world. The ultimate symbol of chic, it conveys luxury and status more powerfully than any other single piece of clothing.

It is almost a century since Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel designed her first such jacket in 1925. In the years since it has been made in any number of richly textured and multi-coloured variations, shot through with everything from gold thread, silk and sequins and beading, with more avant-garde offerings realised in wood and concrete.

The fabric now takes on a whole new level of “haute” as Chanel arrives in London this week to unveil Tweed de Chanel, an intricate and dazzling high jewellery interpretation of its signature material woven in precious metals and gemstones.

To read the full story of Chanel and the new season of Tweed in British Vogue, tap here.

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