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Fura Gems to Invest $200m+ in Colombia Mine / Mining Weekly

BOGOTA – Dubai-based miner Fura Gems will invest $200-million in its Colombia emerald mine over the next five years, an executive said on Wednesday.

The company is holding its fourth auction of rough emeralds from its Coscuez mine in central Boyaca province this week in Bogota.

Fura predicts the auction, which will move to Bangkok later this month before closing, will attract some 80 potential bidders from around the world, vying for 240,000 carats of the green gem.

“Good to be back in action! With over 240,000 carats of Rough Emerald from Coscuez mine makes it largest ever Rough Emerald displayed in the history of Colombian emerald!”
– Dev Shetty, FURA Founder & CEO

*Our investments in Colombia exceeds $100 million.
*Our investments directly benefit more than 700 families and impact the lives of more than 10,000 people.
*We generate 451 direct jobs of which 70% are local labor
*We open opportunities for women in an industry that does not include [women]. Today 75 women (17%) of our team perform roles such as miners, geologists, mine supervisors and rock mechanics, among others.
*We have invested more than 10,000 million pesos [$2.4 million] in social projects for the Coscuez community

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