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Leave Jewelry At Home For A Beach Day

MAY 14, 20

A successful beach day includes a lot of necessities, like a cooler packed with drinks and food, the best sunscreen for your skin, and of course, a very on-trend swimsuit. Although we’re normally always in favor of accessorizing, at the beach one should probably stick to sun hats and sunglasses for the extra glam factor, as jewelry simply doesn’t mix with the atmosphere. It’s not good for your jewelry, and wearing jewelry in the ocean can also be unsafe for you.

Before we get into those reasons in-depth, let’s talk about what you should do with your pieces, instead. If you’re renting a condo or house, there is typically a small safe on site. Make use of this complimentary option to prevent theft. If there’s no safe available, put all jewelry in a ziplock baggie or travel jewelry case and hide it, but don’t forget where you put it! Better yet, leave anything that’s valuable (from a monetary or sentimental perspective) at home. If you must have a ring on that finger, sport a piece of faux jewelry while on the sand, but still don’t wear it in the water (more on that in a minute). Now, it’s time to discuss some of the many ways jewelry could either get ruined, or ruin your big beach day.

The glint of metallic jewelry resembles fish scales, which will draw these and other fearsome predators right over (via National Geographic).

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