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CPAA Discusses Higher Pearl Prices

In the Cultured Pearl Association of America’s publication, “#ThisIsPearl,” CPAA Executive Director Jennifer Heebner authors the cover story, “Pearl Prices Heat Up (More).” With reports on the latest heights, Heebner writes, “Already high cultured pearl prices have now hit unheard-of price points.”

Looking back at the September Hong Kong gem and jewelry trade show, Fran Mastoloni of Mastoloni Pearls is quoted as saying that “Demand for pearls in mainland China is the likes of which we’ve never seen. The Chinese were buying at wholesale prices that we can’t sell them for here in the U.S.”

Heebner also reports that “In the spring, prices of white Japanese akoya pearls had spiked 80%, and now seven months later, they’ve risen again as much as 100% by some estimates.” Gary Tarna of Hanadama Pearls confirms. “Every few months, there is an auction and Chinese buyers pay 10–20% more than the market rate. Three months later at the next auction, they push up the prices another 20%.”

“Pearl Prices Heat Up (More)”

The Cultured Pearl Association of America’s publication, “#ThisIsPearl”
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