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Maine Museum Paying $25K To First Person To Find Meteorite!

(Above Image from the Maine Mineral & Gem Museum Website)

Grab your metal detector and let’s go hunting! We could collect a cool $25,000 in cash!

Officials at the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum are willing to pay a $25,000 finders fee to whoever is the first to discover a meteorite of at least 1 kilogram from a recent meteor strike. But you may need to learn Canadian, eh? You can find all of this by tapping the link below.

Inside the Stifler Collection of Meteorites at the Maine Mineral Museum

They are serious about their meteorites. On their website, they ask you to send images of any meteorite finds and they will certainly get back in touch. Follow Roskin Gem News Report for More Updates

Tap here for the story and the details!

Roskin Gem News Report
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