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Constantin Wild Using AI for Design & Brand

Whether you call it “over the top” or “out of the box,” Constantin Wild‘s zest for the wow factor has never been more obvious than this year’s use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create artistic images with his fantastic collection of royally large, and beautiful gems.

Pink and Purple Suite; Amethyst, Danburite, Kunzite and Morganite

According to their latest press release, Wild is incorporating AI into a new brand identity. And it certainly has gotten everyone’s attention!

“We are all increasingly confronted with new technology that will change our lives in all areas,” says Wild. “As is so often the case with innovations, artificial intelligence also offers both challenges and risks. But what does this have to do with gemstones?”

Of course, this technology gives us many opportunities in the technical field: Whether material simulation, gemstone recommendation systems, blockchain for traceability or digital gemstone marketplaces – the integration of AI technology opens up a new world.

AI IMAGERY – Take a Look!
This year, Constantin Wild is using artificial intelligence (AI) to produce futuristic images to present its gems in a new and unique way. The company has focused on the interaction of these two so different worlds in its corporate design. The new, futuristic world is presented with the long-lasting beauty that has endured for thousands of years and will continue to have its place in the future. But there were some requirements to be met.

Red Topaz

“The key to successfully transferring the value of gemstones to AI design is to balance the aesthetic and symbolic qualities of gems with the specific goals of the design project.”

AI can help to develop ideas and execute designs that capture the essence of gems while meeting the functional and aesthetic requirements.

Rubellite Tourmaline

Incorporating the value of gems into AI design requires creativity, technological innovation, and a deep understanding of both the gemstone industry and AI capabilities. The goal of our repurposing was to combine the traditional beauty of gemstones with the possibilities of
artificial intelligence in the modern world.

The result is a “Cyber Gem World“, where unique treasures of nature, hundreds of millions of years old, meet an intriguing, other worldly beauty, a futuristic world. AI-generated images were used to create stories or artwork based on the mystique and beauty of gemstones. These stories are set in fictional often historical looking worlds where gemstones have a special meaning: Fantasy worlds – that combine million-year-old stones with a special new, future-oriented world of technology. The CONSTANTIN WILD brand thus creates an unprecedented and unique appearance in the world of gems.


The new brand design was first presented with wide appreciation at the Jewelry & Gem World Hong Kong in September 2023, where one of Constantin Wild`s stunning trade show highlights, a Yellow Sapphire, originating from Sri Lanka, was integrated into the jacket of a futuristic fashionista (seen below).

Another graphic shows a suite of purple and pink gemstones composed of Amethyst, Danburite, Kunzite and Morganite on a model of futuristic beauty (seen above). Rare Tourmalines in unusual, eye-catching colors with female and male fashion models also form a perfect symbiosis. A blue aquamarine layout is shown in the pink elegance of a flamingo lady (seen here). All simply timeless elegance. And there is more to come.

“Our aim was to put our millennial beauties in a new light”, says Constantin. “The strong contrast of immortality with a fantastic, futuristic new world highlights the beauty, colors and uniqueness of our gems. And this is exactly what we can offer our customers – beauty, fascination, uniqueness and imperishability – simply – Unique Emotions since 1847!

“If you can dream the future, you can create it. We look forward to build beauty together with our friends, partners and customers.”

Gems, Colours & Wild Stories: 175 Years of Constantin Wild
Constantin Wild, Nina Hald

Hardback | Mar 2022 | Arnoldsche | 9783897906266 | 304pp | 340x250mm |

The opulently designed publication Gems, Colours & Wild Stories is an homage to and an affirmation of love for the irrepressible diversity of these extremely valuable gemstones.

Founded in Idar-Oberstein in 1847, the company Constantin Wild has left its mark on the world of gem-stones like barely any other enterprise. For its 175th anniversary, Constantin Wild, great-grandson of the company’s founder, has been out on the trail of history. He now takes us back to the beginnings of the Wild family, which looks back on a tradition of 400 years of artistic stonecutting and also in the trading of one-of-a-kind gemstones.

Travel with him around the globe on the quest for the most beautiful and rarest stones. Discover sublime items of jewelry — a selection of the very best, the zenith of international haute joaillerie. Their beauty begins with the stone, and often enough this begins chez Constantin Wild: without that fi ne cut by adept craftsmen and artists, the expressive colour of the gemstone fails to come into its own. Only once it has been subjected to these processes can the gemstone unfold its true character, to reach its final fiery, vivacious brilliance. In this publication, Constantin Wild presents a selection of exceptional gemstones in short vignettes.

Constantin Wild
Roskin Gem News Report
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