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Mining Review Africa
Oct 21, 2022

Further to the announcement on 6 September 2022 that Botswana Diamonds had been awarded a prospecting license over the Reivilo kimberlite cluster, the company is now pleased to announce that it has entered into a data license agreement with Petra Diamonds, the previous holder of the Reivilo license, to have access to the full library of data on Reivilo held by Petra Diamonds.

John Teeling, Botswana Diamonds chairman, commented;

“Once Petra gave up the Reivilo ground as part of their restructuring we applied. Having won the licence, we then negotiated with Petra to obtain their exploration data. This is the agreement announced today.

“Having access to this information will save BOD time and money. The Reivilo cluster of kimberlites is a priority target for BOD”.

The data licence agreement grants Petra Diamonds a 3% royalty on any production revenue generated from the Reivilo prospecting licence in return for access to all the Petra Diamonds data accumulated during their work on the licence.  Botswana Diamonds will review this data prior to finalising its own exploration programme.

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Roskin Gem News Report
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