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Gem-A November Conference Wins High Appreciation Among International Gemologists

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Ya’akov Almor, Contributing Editor
December 15, 2022

After a hiatus of three years, Gem-A – the Gemmological Association of Great Britain organized its annual conference during the first weekend of November. Unlike previous conferences, the lecture program was reduced to a single day – November 6 – comprising several presentations of a commercial character. On November 7, three workshops were held.

What is Gem-A? If there is a “foremost authority in gemology,” it is Gem-A – the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.

Gem-A is the most veteran gemological organization in the world. Its academic journal, “The Journal of Gemmollogy,” predates its only counterpart, GIA’s Gems & Gemology. Several years ago, I worked with Gem-A’s former CEO, James Riley, to save the Journal from certain death and revive it. I brought the current editor, Brendan Laurs, on board and helped make the journal commercially viable.

There is a consensus that Gem-A’s teaching programs and courses outshine any others available in the market. Gem-A’s science is solid, and the courses’ curricula are outstanding.

I’ve been to several Gem-A conferences and events in the past. What struck me at this conference was that it offered less actual gemological content and that three out of the eight presentations carried a commercial character, in one degree or another. …

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