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Zimbabwe’s All-Female, Environmentally Sustainable Gem Mine?

Tawanda Mupatsi (a TV reporter and author based in Zimbabwe, Tawanda enjoys working on environmental stories) | Julia Mielke.

The Zimbaqua aquamarine mine in Karoi, Zimbabwe, employs women only and pays them a fair salary. The gem mine keeps environmental impact as low as possible.

Before you Watch the Video…

One of the challenges that the AGTA CSM research is finding (see Getting Schooled) is in communication. The meaning of the term “miner” can mean so many different things that one needs to question who is saying what when trying to cover the Ethical, Socially Responsible, Sustainable, Transparency, and Traceable talking points.

Case in point: Read the headline of this feature story in the Zimbabwe news. “Environmentally Sustainable Gem Mine.” What are they trying to say here? A sustainable gem nine could mean that there is enough gem material to be mined to sustain generations of miners and their families. But what does Environmentally Sustainable mean? If you watch the video carefully, they are talking about taking care of the land in order to reclaim it once mining is complete. And with the income generated from the mining, along with using the surrounding land to grow crops, they are generating a sustainable community, yes?

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