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Tweed de Chanel: How tweed and high jewellery became so beautifully intertwined

31 JULY 2023

A magnificent ode to the iconic fabric, the collection showcases Chanel’s ingenuity with gold and diamonds—and an incredibly unique artistic vision

High jewellery plays a number of different roles for its creator. First, like haute couture, it is to showcase the immense savoir-faire and great lengths to which the maison will go in order to create the pieces. Second, it continues a tradition which has lasted centuries, so perpetuating the legacy of craftsmanship for the next generation. Third, it represents a paragon of value through noble materials and precious gemstones, often including the rarest specimens money can buy. And fourth, it has a magical, transportive effect on the wearer and everybody else who encounters it. In 2023’s Tweed de Chanel, the maison has checked all these boxes while also one-upping everybody else by appealing to our shared love for all things Chanel.

Tweed D’or necklace.

Weaving in the incredible story of tweed, Chanel’s iconic fabric, the collection evokes a most distinguishing moment in the maison’s history, when Gabrielle Chanel inducted this “common” fabric into her design vocabulary. Borrowing from the men’s wardrobe as she has been wont, the Mademoiselle however glammed it up by working with top quality fibres and applying her impeccable taste to create different colours and styles. In doing so she invented a modern, powerful style for women of her time. This same philosophy can be extracted from the maison’s Tweed de Chanel high jewellery, which has gone one step further, by interpreting Chanel’s signature tweed as the epitome of haute joaillerie.

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