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Louis Vuitton’s Deep Time High Jewelry Collection, Acts One & Two

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’ collection of High Jewelry is stunning. With their collection website, each suite with labels such as Volcano, Myriad, Fossils, Bones, Skin, Flight, etc., includes an Explore tab to see the full style collection. It is quite remarkable. And worth the time to go exploring.

“Spanning the birth of the planet to the creation of life, Deep Time traces the profound journey of the precious gemstones at the center of the collection. Comprising over 95 masterful designs, the 13 themes weave a profound tale of metamorphosis, life, and terrestrial heritage, unveiled in two acts: Geology and Life.”

Here are just a few of the many collection styles to be viewed on LV’s website.


A Deep Time masterpiece, the signature high-collar Wave necklace curls gracefully on the neck into a V-shape, to display the collection’s most exceptional stone: a rare royal blue sapphire from Sri Lanka.

Wave necklace.
White gold, sapphire, and diamonds.


Voluminous, yet wearing like a second skin, the high collar necklace is a Louis Vuitton signature. An exuberant explosion of 168-carat Mandarin garnets and tourmalines is accented by 15 LV Monogram Star cut diamonds

Volcano necklace
Platinum, yellow gold, tourmaline, Mandarin spessartite garnet and diamonds.


In a joyful and vivid creation, a single strand necklace reveals a gold and diamond honeycomb pattern, magnified either side by 13 rubellite and spessartite garnet cabochons totaling 256-carats. Sitting high and prominently on the neck, the piece is an explosion of color, honoring the mystery and wonder of nature.

Seeds necklace
Yellow gold, Mandarin spessartite garnets, rubellites, and diamonds.


In a testament to the Maison’s audacious craftmanship, the 17 magnetic gems blossom along the yellow and white gold necklace, falling perfectly against the skin. In a work of precision to achieve the perfect color match, the combination of stones adorning this collector’s piece required two years of research.

Plants necklace.
Yellow gold, white gold, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds
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