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JEWELERY ∙ FILM ∙ MOMENTS – Hollywood’s Love Affair with Jewelry – a Bejeweled Cinema Exhibition

Nordic Film Cinemas

Sex, excitement, glamor, and jewelry – invariably important elements in the world of film.

Titanic, Romancing the Stone, Pretty Woman
In the movie “Titanic”, the main character throws the blue heart-cut diamond necklace into the depths of the wrecked, sunken ship. In “Romancing the Stone”/”Now goes the wild treasure hunt”, the treasure is in fact a large emerald. In “Pretty Woman”, Richard Gere’s character slams the jewelry box around Julia Roberts’ fingers, causing her to burst into the biggest – and most spontaneous – laugh in film history.

Cinema-goers in Nordisk Films Cinemas in Frederiksberg, Viborg and Odense can experience a large exhibition in the hall this spring. Here, 40 goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewelry designers have each produced a piece of jewelry for their favorite film or streaming series. The result will be colorful, creative and humorous, and it will be possible to experience it from 1 March 2024 to 30 May 2024.

A Nina Hald Exhibition
This gem and jewelry inspired exhibit has been curated by Nina Hald, author of 12 books and 10 exhibition catalogues, editor of AuClock and Luxury Aficionados, Royal jewellery curator, and freelance jewellery journalist.

So why is jewelry interesting in a cinematic context?

Curator of the exhibition Nina Hald says: “Jewellery is included in many ways in films and streaming series. This can be, for example, through classic product placement – ​​it can be at the center of the film’s action, such as when a jewel heist is about to be committed – and then the film stars themselves are wearing jewelry worth millions of kroner when they walk the red carpet at the Oscars or to the Cannes Film Festival”.

In other words, the exhibition explores Hollywood’s love affair with the jewelry industry, which has shaped pop culture’s iconic entertainment for more than 75 years.

Films represented by jewelry artists include:
Men in Black 
James Bond: Diamonds are Forever
Ocean’s Eight
Mission: Impossible II
The Hunger Games
Romancing the Stone
Uncut Gems
Death Becomes Her
The Bag Man
Crazy Rich Asians 
The Pink Panther
& The Grand Budapest Hotel


Inspirational Film: Uncut Gems (Benny & Josh Safdie, 2019) THRILLER Henrik Skjønnemand, Goldsmith in Ribe Hollywood Uncut 2023 Material: Oxidized silver and 18 karat gold, a cut opal from Ethiopia’s Welo mine of 10.70 carats, an uncut (uncut) opal, also from the Welo mine, of 31.60 carats,
a rough diamond and three brilliants (total 0.19 carats)
Photographer: Jens Karsten Jørgensen, Ribe Fotocenter
Inspirational film: Titanic (Cameron, 1997) HISTORICAL DRAMA Kristina Rosing, Rising Waves 2022 Material: 14 karat white gold; each of the two rings set with a total of 0.33 carat brilliants. The two rings are worn as one because they match perfectly in design.

Cinema manager Bolette Hvalsøe Boe Hansen, Falkoner Bio, says: “We are very much looking forward to giving our guests an extra experience of the greats before they go in and see a good film. You are of course also very welcome to just drop by Falkoner Bio and see the great exhibition”.

Inspirational Films: Harry Potter Series (Columbus (1–2), Cuarón (3), Newell (4) and Yates (5–8), 2001–2011) FAIRY TALE Camilla Urban Hedwig 2023
Material: Silver, 14 karat gold and two light yellow sapphires (0.17 carat each)
Photographer: Mousefoto

The jewelery can be seen in the foyer of Falkoner Bio in Frederiksberg from 1 March to 29 March 2024 – in Viborg Fotorama from 1 April to 28 April 2024 and in Nordisk Film Biografer Odense from 1 May to 30 May 2024. There are free tickets to the exhibition in all three cinemas and the cinemas’ opening times are 30 minutes before the first performance every day of the week.

Inspirational film: Arsène Lupine (Conway, 1932) HISTORICAL DRAMA Mette Nordby Thomsen, Nord By Thomsen A Gentleman Thief 2023
Material: Silver, freshwater cultured pearls (2.5mm in diameter), tsavorite chains and black felt hat
Photographer: Claudia Dons

For further information – please contact:
Falkoner Bio, cinema manager Bolette H Boe Hansen,, 24457766
Curator Nina Hald,, Tel. 27308828

Inspirational film: The Pink Panther (Edwards, 1963, and Levy, 2006) COMEDY Goldsmith Louise Degn The Pink Paws ring 2023
Material: Sterling silver, a rhodonite disc (45 mm in diameter – approx. 28.7 carats) and a 0.01 carat pink sapphire set on the back of the ring’s setting as the finishing touch to the word pink. The rhodonite disc was donated by goldsmith Eva Kramer Bach, and it was dated “1/5-1975”
Photographer: Tia Borgsmidt

Movie goers will have the opportunity to view the exhibit at the movie theatre!

Inspirational film: Crazy Rich Asians (Chu, 2018) COMEDY Chris Ly, Chris Ly Jewellery Phoenix Oculus 2023
Material: Silver, 18k gold, synthetic emerald, blue zircon, freshwater cultured pearls (diameters from 3.35 – 9.35mm) and a 13.9mm Tahitian cultured pearl
Photographer: Mousefoto
Inspirational film: Romancing the Stone (Zemeckis, 1984) ACTION My Talisman Heart of the Crocodile 2023
Material: Ring rail carved from green agate, all metal parts sterling silver, green synthetic cubic zirconia, clear and green glass cabochons.
Fiber optic cables are hidden in the ring rail, which transport the light from the glass cabochons down into the green cabochons
Photographer: Morten Bak, Prostudiet
Inspirational film: Gone with the Wind/Borte med blesten (Fleming, Cukor & Wood, 1939) HISTORICAL DRAMA Rikke Engel, Goldwork Scarlett 2023
Material: Silver, 21 garnets (total 6.9 carats), 12 pink sapphires (total 0.36 carats), 7 rubies (total 0.14 carats) and 8 brilliants (total 0.16 carats)
Photographer: Lasse Baltzer
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