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Sarine Signs MOU to Acquire Majority Stake in GCAL

Sarine, the leading manufacturer of artificial intelligence measuring devices for the gemstone industry, has just signed an MOU (Memo of Understanding) with GCAL (Gem Certification and Assurance Lab)

Sarine Technologies Limited is an Israel-based Company engaged in developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling precision technology products for processing of diamonds and gemstones.

The Company’s products provide solutions for every stage of rough diamond manufacturing process from geometrical modelling and internal inclusion mapping of the rough stone, through determining the derivable polished gems, based on true dollar value, through laser cutting and shaping.

The Company’s DiaMension family of products, including the DiaMension HD (high definition), are used in gemological institutes for the qualification and grading of a polished diamond’s proportions. 

In other news …

Fosum Looking to Sell off Stake in IGI; Lab for Sale – estimated at $215 mill

Fosun International Ltd., a Chinese conglomerate, is weighing the sale of IGI, the International Gemological Institute, with an estimated sale value of approximately €200 million (around $215 million USD).

IGI & Fosum

GCAL & Sarine

Get the business side of the business here – a direct link to Rapaport

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