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Tourmalines a Success at the Auction

A recap of the world’s first tourmaline auction

Iridis announced the success of its first auction of tourmalines in Bangkok that took place from 21st – 24th November, noting that they were delighted with the positive response from the market for tourmalines. 58 companies attended the 4 day event.

35 schedules were showcased, of which 33 schedules were sold to the highest bidder.

887kg of tourmalines of all qualities were on display of which 98% was sold by value and 91% by weight.

See our report on the inaugural auction here: Iridis announces world’s first auction of rough tourmaline.

Thanks to all the participants who attended the viewing in Bangkok and they are looking forward to seeing everyone at the second quarter of 2024 for the next tender.

Images provided by Iridis.

Roskin Gem News Report
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