Iridis Announces World’s First Auction of Rough Tourmaline

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Iridis, owner of the Jagoda tourmaline mine in Zambia, recently reported as “the world’s largest producer of high-quality tourmaline,” has  announced its inaugural auction of Zambian rough tourmaline.

Bonas Auctioneers in Bangkok will conduct the inaugural sale, November 21-24, 2023 and will showcase “the largest collection of exceptional pink, green, and bi-colour tourmalines.”

Iridis also noted that the auction will utilize the first tourmaline grading system for prospective buyers.

Commenting on the forthcoming auction, Cyrille Djankoff, Chief Executive Officer, said. “We are excited to be showcasing some of the world’s finest rough tourmaline gemstones in Bangkok this November. This forthcoming auction is the culmination of 18 months of production from our Zambia operations which will see these stunning gemstones in a first of its kind grading system with 100% traceability.”

The Jagoda Mine

The Jagoda tourmaline mine is approximately 230 kilometers or so northeast of the capital city, Lusaka, on the rolling plateau not far from the town of Old Mkushi.

When the tourmaline mine first came on stream, sometime between 1997 and 2002, it quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional pink tourmaline. That brief initial period of operation only hinted at its potential.

According to the mine owner, subsequent surveys suggest that this mine may prove to be one of the most important sources of tourmaline the world has ever known.

Iridis became the majority shareholder in the Jagoda mine in 2017, with an initial license valid until November 2023 and an option to extend for a further ten years thereafter.

In 2022, Iridis acquired the mine. “We are on a mission to create a fully transparent supply chain, pioneering industry-leading standards of responsibility with 100% traceability to our operations in Zambia, guaranteeing their ethical provenance.”


Iridis operates the first coloured gemstone mine to be actively participating in The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA). This commitment underscores our dedication to ethical gemstone sourcing and sustainable practices.

“Our aim is to realign the gemstone-mining industry’s relationship with the earth from one of mere extraction to one of respectful reciprocity.”

Bonas in Bangkok

According to Tim Denning, Bonas DMCC, Dubai, UAE, “We are showing over 800kg of rough. Sizes range from small crystals to large special  pieces.

Colours include bi-colour, green, pink and red.”

There will be 4 sizes at auction, and some of the material will exhibit chatoyancy.

Bonas is very proud to add yet another inaugural gemstone tender to their list of “firsts.” “To be hosting the world’s first tourmaline tender is exciting,” says Denning, “and we look forward to helping build the market for Iridis, as well as growing awareness of tourmalines throughout the industry.”

Iridis will be focused on hosting 2 auctions per year of comparable material in order to grow and support demand in the market.

For more information and to attend the auction, please feel free to contact,


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