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Winston Still King of Diamonds

from Harry Winston

Inspired by fresh snow glistening on a holly wreath at his Scarsdale estate, Mr. Winston designed this diamond necklace as the inaugural jewel of the iconic Winston Cluster Collection. With a minimal platinum setting and sculptural clusters, it defines the hallmarks of the House aesthetic. Discover a world of frosted brilliance with this design.

The Winston Cluster Diamond Necklace

180 marquise, pear-shaped and round brilliant cut diamonds, weighing a total of approximately 48.80 carats, set in platinum.

The Winston Cluster Collection showcases the House’s signature design aesthetic in its purest form. (Almost all diamond face up, with very little metal showing.)

The beloved clustering motif, the cornerstone of all Harry Winston fine jewelry design, lets the radiance and splendor of each individual gemstone take the lead, to create three-dimensional jewels that capture light from every direction.

Here’s a very nice feature story of the introduction of the Harry Winston Cluster in Only Natural Diamonds.

Diamonds Are Forever: Discover The Timeless Design Of The Harry Winston Cluster Collection

Only Natural Diamonds

If you can believe it, the beloved rom-com Maid in Manhattan turns 20 this year. While there’s no shortage of iconic jewelry movie moments in Hollywood history, the glamorous reveal of Jennifer Lopez’s character, Marisa Ventura, wearing a showstopping pink dress with the famed Harry Winston Cluster necklace and earrings is at the top of our list. In honor of the movie’s 20th anniversary, we look at the enduring beauty and timeless style of Harry Winston’s Cluster collection.  

The Harry Winston Cluster Necklace and Earrings
Columbia Pictures. Maid in Manhattan
Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes

The Cluster collection was first designed in the 1940s and was, at the time, a revolutionary approach to jewelry design. The design has rather humble origins. One snowy evening, Mr. Harry Winston noticed the delicate shimmer of freshly fallen snow on a decorative holly wreath at his home. The snow was dusted on the intertwined holly leaves, and Mr. Winston had a revelation. The final design of the wreath was determined by the shape of the holly leaves, not the branches that created the base. He was inspired to create a jewelry collection using the same principle, letting the shape of the diamonds, not the metal settings that supported them, dictate the shape of the jewelry. This would let the natural beauty and brilliance of the diamonds shine through.  

Winston Cluster Inspiration
Harry Winston long believed that diamonds, rather than their heavy metal settings, should dictate a design and that their brilliance should be at the forefront. The Winston Cluster motif was born one wintry night in the 1940s after Mr. Winston observed the way snowy ice crystals formed on a decorative holly wreath.
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