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Gucci’s New High Jewelry Collection, Gucci Allegoria


Gucci unveils its latest High Jewelry collection, Allegoria, a mesmerizing homage to the transformative beauty of the seasons. The collection’s unique designs and vibrant gemstones radiate joy and emotion, capturing the essence of nature’s fleeting wonders.

Presented at a special event in Florence, the new High Jewelry collection reflects nature’s transformations and ephemeral beauty through its ever-changing seasons.

As an allegory of the cycle of the four seasons, Gucci Allegoria casts a light on an array of precious stones in rich tones generating a crescendo of emotion and joie de vivre. The journey envisioned begins with spring and the awakening of nature through exquisite pieces defined by fresh hues reminiscent of blooming flowers and continues with emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines that radiate the lively essence of the summer season. As nature prepares to rest in autumn, warm muted tones carry a delicate softness embodied in stones including yellow sapphires, pink tourmalines, and mandarin garnets. The crystallized silence of snow and repose of nature in winter is reflected through iridescent opals, European-cut antique diamonds, and stones that twinkle with subtle colors – a hint at the beginning of a new season as nature’s wheel of life begins again.

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Gucci Allegoria

Embarking on a journey through the seasons, Allegoria begins with spring, evoking a sense of renewal and surprise. Delicate designs in fresh hues, inspired by Gucci’s iconic Flora motif, showcase a magnificent 226-carat green tourmaline embraced by star motifs, diamond baguettes, and fancy-colored tourmalines.

As summer arrives, the collection bursts with saturated hues of emeralds, spinels, and Paraiba tourmalines, adorned with dazzling diamonds. Gucci’s creative vision shines through unexpected gemstone combinations and daring cuts, showcasing their unique flair.


Autumn brings a gentle transition as nature prepares for rest. Warm, muted tones of yellow sapphires, pink tourmalines, and mandarin garnets imbue the collection with a delicate softness. A stunning 78-carat yellow sapphire necklace surrounded by colorful tourmalines and diamonds exude elegance.


Winter encapsulates the cycle, enveloping nature in a serene blanket of snow. Gucci captures this tranquility with an enamel and diamond necklace featuring a milky, iridescent 92-carat opal. European cut antique diamonds twinkle with subtle, kaleidoscopic colors, symbolizing the festive season’s joy and hinting at spring’s vibrant awakening.

The Four Seasons

Allegoria showcases antique stones and eclectic cuts, symbolizing the four seasons, including fan, briolette, paisley, and kite shapes. Sparkling baguette diamonds add brilliance, while jacket earrings cascade with emeralds, diamonds, and tourmalines. A necklace combines a hexagonal emerald with drop-shaped Paraiba tourmalines, complemented by a halo of diamonds.

Finally, the collection features one-of-a-kind, old mine, European-cut stones, evoking a vintage allure. A floral motif necklace with opal engraved beads and a 10-carat European cut diamond shines with timeless beauty. Matching earrings feature flower-cut opals surrounding two exquisite old European cut diamonds.

Gucci Allegoria is a captivating celebration of nature’s fleeting beauty, capturing the essence of each season in exquisite designs and vibrant gemstones. It invites you to embark on a journey of elegance and wonder, embracing the enchantment of the ever-changing world.

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…and from RAIN Magazine

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