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Greenland Ruby: ALL DONE! (for now…)

On August 19, “there is zero left,” says director of the private limited company
LNS Greenland and the limited company Greenland Ruby, Peter Christian Madsen.

As reported in a recent article featured in the Greenland online news media Sermitsiaq, and the Norwegian online magazine High North News, the Greenland Ruby project is over. The mine will cease operation at the end of this month (August, 2023).

High North News
Aug 09 2023 – 09:18

The Final Employees Leave the Ruby Mine in Greenland

At the turn of the year [2022/2023], 30 employees were dismissed by Greenland Ruby. In two weeks, there are none left. Greenland Ruby has lost millions in equity and is now in the red with DKK 509 million [approx. $74 million].

That is reported by the Greenlandic newspaper Sermitsiaq.
Raw materials: The last employees are now leaving the ruby mine

LNS Greenland A/S has been responsible for the operation of the ruby mine in Aappaluttoq for the sister company Greenland Ruby A/S up until the end of 2022. Greenland Ruby A/S has been awarded the mining permit by the Greenlandic government.

Today, there are seven employees in the mine, which is Greenland’s only ruby mine. The mine was temporarily shut and the production stopped at the turn of the year 2022/23. The ruby mine will be completely shut down from the 29th of August due to low sales figures. 


According to Hayley Henning, COO for Greenland Ruby, it looks like they will be doing some exploration in neighboring sites. Until then, mining has been “suspended.”

Special thanks to Jeffery Bergman for his LinkedIn post alerting us to the news.

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