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GIA’s Colored Stone Origin Determination Seminar

The Continuing Education division of GIA’s Alumni Collective is now offering new self-paced continuing education seminars on Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald country of origin.

In these modules you will learn the important global sources, their histories, and even look inside the GIA gem collections and lab. Understand origin determination through photomicrographs and test your knowledge with inclusion flashcards. And even hear from GIA researchers on the complexities and challenges of origin determination.

Continuing Education – GIA Alumni Collective

We spoke with Nicole Garcia, GIA AJP, Director, Alumni Relations about the continuing education seminars.

3 Months
Nicole noted that each of these seminars are self paced, with three months access from the time you register for the seminar. During this 3-month period, you have access to all of the materials. Your progress through the materials is determined at your own pace. But get it done in 3 months. After that, you will no longer have access.

When asked about equipment, she told us that there was no need for XRF or LAICPMS, or any other PhD driven equipment. These seminars consist of text, images (including photomicrographs), and video. All you need is a computer with a compatible browser and internet connection to access the seminar. No gemological equipment is required.

Your instructors are top of the mark, as GIA Alumni Collective Continuing Education seminars present information from across the GIA research portfolio. For the Sapphire Origin seminar, Dr. Aaron Palke, GIA Senior Manager of Research and Colored Stone Identification, is featured. Wim Vertriest, Manager of Field Gemology at GIA Thailand, also lends his expertise on this and the other Country of Origin Determination seminars.

Open to All
Continuing Education presented by GIA Alumni Collective is open to all with no eligibility restrictions or prerequisites. Many seminars are introductory. The Country of Origin Determination seminars would be most relevant to someone with a gemological, geological, or jewelry industry background, but no technical knowledge is necessary to understand the content presented. This group of seminars explores the main sources of each respective gemstone, the characteristics of the regions, and provides a closer look at how GIA can determine a stone’s origin in the lab.

Text & Tools
Are we being tested? There are short “flashcard” style check-ins at the end of each module, but they are for self-checks only. There are no tests or completion requirements beyond reading through the modules. All learners who complete this seminar will receive a digital “Letter of Attendance” that can be proudly displayed to celebrate your accomplishment.

For example, the Sapphire: Country of Origin Determination seminar is priced at $250 USD, and GIA Alumni receive a 10% discount on all Continuing Education seminars.

Continuing education offerings by the GIA Alumni Collective™ (GIA Alumni Association, LLC) are considered avocational or recreational in nature and are not intended to prepare individuals for entry-level employment. They are non-credit bearing and do not lead to an academic credential.

Individual or Bundle
There are three individual Country of Origin Determination seminars available for sapphire, ruby, and emerald. A bundle that includes all three, with access for 6 months total, is available for $600. These seminars have launched in the self-paced online format recently and were previously offered in a live online format.

In Tucson next year there will be two live, hands-on seminars presented: Value Factors, Varieties & Classifications of Pearls on 2/2 led by the GIA research team and Montana Sapphires: History, Gemology & Identification on 2/3 led by Dr. Aaron Palke. These seminars will be held at the University of Arizona Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum and require advance registration as they have limited capacity.

Below are the individual seminar listing pages containing information on these seminars:

Sapphire: Country of Origin Determination

Emerald: Country of Origin Determination

Ruby: Country of Origin Determination

“Big Three” Bundle:

Tucson seminar – Pearls

Tucson seminar – Montana sapphire

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