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Spring 2023 Issue 1

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Cover stories:

Laboratory gemology • New considerations on sodalite-hackmanite from the Mogok region, Myanmar

Diligence & impact • The path to sustainability

At the heart of gems • Common and rare inclusions in aquamarine

What the Names of Stones Say About Us

Since November 2021, the Gemmologie et Francophonie association has been offering round tables at the GemGenève
fair on current topics related to gemology. Also, the last edition of the GemGenève show, which took place from November
3 to 6, 2022, was no exception to this rule and the association had the pleasure of hosting a round table around gems
nomenclature in both science and trade.

In this article, we offer a summary of the main topics covered by selected specialists:
gem nomenclature and its importance in gem reports produced by laboratories. If mineral nomenclature is well established
by the scientific International Mineralogical Association, gem nomenclature follows trade names that are sometimes left to
interpretation. The experts clarified these different aspects and raised important issues regarding practices in gem labs and
use in the gem market – and tried to propose answers.

What the Names of the Stones Say About Us

A round table organized by the association Gemmologie & Francophonie in Geneva on
November 4, 2022

To carry out this round table, we have invited six recognized professionals for their knowledge of gems but who are also experts on the
nomenclature issues:
• Aurélien Delaunay, Diamond Commission and
CIBJO Gemmological Commission, Representative
to ISO for France; Laboratory Director
French of Gemmology

• Emmanuel Fritsch, French representative of the
International Gem Materials Committee
Mineralogical Association

• Thomas Hainschwang, Antonio C. Bonanno
Award for Excellence in Gemology, Inventor of
the DFI imaging and spectroscopy technique,
Gemologist, GGTL Liechtenstein

• Emmanuel Piat, Vice-President of the Commission
Colored stones CIBJO, Merchant Maison Piat

• Drew Battaglia, Jewelery expert and gemologist

• Enzo Livérino, President of the Commission
Coral CIBJO, specialized coral trader Enzo
Liverino 1894

Moderation was provided by Mr. Boris Chauviré,
CEO of GeoGems and PhD in mineralogy, and Mrs. Marie Chabrol, Teacher in gemmology at the Saumur Jewellery Institute and consultant.

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Roskin Gem News Report
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