Chen Weiyang, a Chinese Generation-Z Jewelry designer has been working with the producer of Da Vinci’s Egg, the country’s renowned digital artwork NFT (non-fungible token).

Chinese Gen-Z Jewelry Designer Launches Hybrid NFT

by Julius Zheng

Chen Weiyang, Chinese Generation-Z Jewelry designer

Chen Weiyang, Generation-Z Jewelry designer

     Chen Weiyang, a Generation-Z Jewelry designer based in China, has been working with the producer of Da Vinci’s Egg, the country’s renowned digital artwork NFT (non-fungible token).

“Exotic sacred bird,” customized Jewelry by Erdong Jewelry, a brooch in 18k gold with carved tanzanite, black diamonds, fancy colour sapphires and feather. Parrots are considered as sacred birds in ancient Chinese culture.

     As the founder of Erdong Jewelry, Mr. Chen Weiyang is an award-winning Jewelry designer, as well as a member of the League of Designers by Harper’s BAZAAR Jewelry (China), the renowned print magazine. Chen’s works have been featured in the auctions by China Guardian Auctions and Poly Auction – China’s top auction houses – both in Hong Kong and mainland China. He has been designing Jewelry with diamonds, jadeite, coloured gemstones and ancient coins. Besides the magnificent creations he designs for extravagant events, Chen is also exploring with Jewelry designs to fit with casual apparels.

The newly launched hybrid NFT by Chen Weiyang consists of both physical and digital versions of a bespoke Jewelry. There are two series in the products, one looking back to the past, and one looking forward to the future. The design of the Jewelry lands in metaverse in virtual form, and on the other hand, everyone who buys the NFT is able to receive a physical Jewelry product. For Chen Weiyang, it is his first attempt to combine the visual tension of virtual Jewelry with the reality of physical Jewelry in terms of fantasy and feasibility.

“Window Flower” – brooch/necklace/ring from Erdong Jewelry in Poly Auction’s Autumn 2021 Auction in Hong Kong, featuring a 5.68-carat Padparadscha sapphire, inspired by the traditional paper cut window decoration in Chinese culture.

Davinci’s Egg is a futuristic science fictional IP, featuring a giant egg-shape flying object. Hangzhou Xing Ying Zhi Yuan Digital Technology Co., the producer of the NFT, has been working with various sectors in business and culture in China, including Century Mart, a prominent supermarket chain, China Aerospace Group, and the Writers’ Association of Zhejiang Province, etc.

The first series is of nostalgia and retro style, featuring China’s national cultural icon of blue and white porcelain. “Considering most collectors of digital artworks are gentlemen, I hope to design one piece with a higher probability of wearing, so I chose the cufflink,” said Chen Weiyang. He combined it with the blue and white pattern to conveys the ancient culture and achieved a harmony with today’s digital art collection. In the design of the high-end brooch, Chen incorporates the design elements of the Chinese folding fan, which has a long history as the standard of the ancient literati and officialdom.

“Da Vinci’s Egg” Cufflinks

The retro series: Da Vinci’s Egg cufflink and brooch

“Da Vinci’s Egg” Folding Fan

The other series of jewelry, of futuristic style, comes from the “Omnic Future” series. “Since everything in the virtual space can be freely scaled and transformed, why not Jewelry?” said Chen Weiyang. With this concept in mind, he used “infinite possibilities” as the key word in the design to create a necklace that can be shortened or enlarged freely, and achieved multiple transformations in form through stackable elements.

“Da Vinci’s Egg” Pendant

The futuristic series: Da Vinci’s Egg necklace

“Da Vinci’s Egg” Necklace

Through the new hybrid NFT series, Chen Weiyang and “Da Vinci’s Egg” joined forces to open the portal between the virtual and the real world, and handed over a splendid crossover solution. “People are accustomed to call me a designer because Erdong Jewelry is a designer brand. But technically speaking, neither my partner nor I are Jewelry designers who graduated from a gemological school. I studied art, and from the experience at the China Academy of Art, the inner sense of art is much more important than the design techniques. The creation of an artist really needs inspiration and impulse, which sounds far-fetched to the layman, but those who understand art know that inspiration really exists and ignites designs. The interconnectedness of art is particularly prominent in the field of design. For our generation born after 1995, there are a lot to inherit as a descendant of an ancient country, and a lot more to explore as a Digital Native,” concluded Chen.

“Day, Night and Stars”, customized Jewelry by Erdong Jewelry, a necklace in 18k gold with sapphires, diamonds, black onyx and white mother-of-pearl.

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