29 Engagement Rings Inspired By Disney Movies

by Taylor Owens
BuzzFeed Staff

September 11, 2023

Found on Yahoo Entertainment, this interesting pictorial – with no credits for images or creations – may be entirely AI generated! At the end of the pictorial is this comment: “This post was enhanced using AI-powered creativity tools.” Enhanced, Created, Generated? We cannot tell. But it is an entertaining pictorial none-the-less.

Two things we would like to note here:

  1. We would not consider all of these to be engagement ring worthy. But as Disney rings, they are fun!
  2. Ring #17 The Incredibles is missing from the Yahoo feature, but is seen in the BuzzFeed feature. (see MORE below)

Here are just a few random samples of the 29 (28) rings inspired by Disney.

Cinderella #1 (of course)
Alice in Wonderland #12
Peter Pan #16
Frozen #3
The Princess and the Frog #2
and of course, our favorite, for more than the obvious reasons, Ratatouille! #25

From BuzzFeed, Ai Photos of Disney movie inspired rings.

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