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You Need a Ruby Chandelier, Yes?

Okay … you definitely do not see one of these every day. Called “the Roses” chandelier, it is set with 65,040 carats of ruby, 12.07 carats of diamond, measuring approximately 8 feet tall by 3 feet wide, and weighs approximately 50 kilos! (… over 100 pounds!)

We saw this on LinkedIn, with Vikas Dugar of RCS Gems / Real Gems Co. HK Ltd., standing beside the chandelier. “It’s one of a kind,” says Vivek Dugar. A collector’s choice ruby chandelier. “It took almost 3 years to sort and prepare with keeping small and tiny handwork done very carefully. All handcrafted. There are 65,000 carats of natural rubies, with diamond, silver and gold.”


Roskin Gem News Report
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