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Diamonds: Personality Predicts Preference

What would you say if I told you that your personality predicts your preference of diamond shape?

by Gary Roskin

In Celebration of Diamond being the Birthstone for the Month of April

Choosing a diamond shape isn’t all about the look. It’s also about the personality of the person who is wearing it. At least that’s what the book says.

It’s (almost) All in the Book

This is fascinating! This book lays out all of the personality traits for (almost) all of the popular diamond shapes.

  • The book, Diamonds: Love & Compatibility by Saul A. Spero, was written in 1977, and, according to the book, the oval brilliant was just beginning to get popular. Today, we have the Princess Cut, the Cushion Cut, the Asscher Cut, as well as the Radiant Cut to add to the list. We will do our best to help you determine if one of these shapes matches your personality.

Spero’s Research

What Spero tells us is that, after exhaustive unscientific research, he established diamond shape charts with personality traits that he determined worked almost every time.

**For those who are getting engaged, you can choose the right shape based upon your personality. Or, you could determine if you are compatible by telling your soon-to-be partner what shape you prefer, looking up your personality traits, and then deciding if you truly are compatible.

Sounds frightening and fun all at the same time!

So, let’s just jump right in and put this unscientific chart to the test.

Personal Preference

So which shape do you prefer? It says a lot about your personality.

What Shape are You?

Going in order of popularity (most expensive to least expensive by comparison – all things being equal) We will look at the following:

Round Brilliant

Oval Brilliant

Cushion Cut

Pear Shape

Radiant Cut


Heart Shape

Princess Cut

Emerald Cut

Asscher Cut (aka Square Emerald Cut)

“A Homemaker with Simple Domestic Taste”

I didn’t say that – he did! This is one of the traits Spero writes for someone who prefers the round brilliant. We will attempt to update the expressions of the 1970s to a more modern and appropriate vocabulary.

First, Second and Third Choices

Before we begin, we must add that there are those who have second and third choices in diamond shapes. This combination reveals a different personality. As you can imagine, with all of the different variables, it gets very complicated. We will stick to the primary choice here, and if you wish to pursue this more, we suggest you find the book. It is a fun read – even if it is somewhat chauvinistic – a sign of the age of the authors as well as the times.

Ready? Choose your shape and see your personality revealed!

The Round Brilliant

Those who prefer the round brilliant are content making a career at home. Outside interests are not necessary. Family is all-important, and so you are content as long as your family, health, and home finances are good. You are dependable. You prefer routine and stability.

The Oval

If you prefer an oval, you are independent, and have a mind of your own. You would make a good executive, a leader in the community. You are well-organized, disciplined, seldom extravagant. You are fun, dependable, and rarely one who follows the crowd. (Hmmm. This does sound like it could certainly fit Vanessa Hudgens’ personality, don’t you think? Tap here for that feature.)

The Cushion Cut

The person who prefers the cushion has a mix of traits between the round brilliant and square emerald cut. They can be content at home, but only if things are in order. When life is chaotic, they find the exit. They prefer to be organized but that doesn’t mean they are always successful at it. They are definitely not as rigid as one who prefers the square emerald cut. (The rounded corners take care of that!)

The Pear Shape

You prefer the pear shape, so you can be content at home. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. You can have outside interests too. You are not very artistic or imaginative, but you’d like to be. You are usually good with money. And you are definitely more ambitious than those who prefer the round brilliant.

The Radiant Cut

Those who prefer the Radiant are more likely to have similar traits as the emerald cut and cushion (emerald cut, round, and square emerald cut). You’re an organizer, but not overly compulsive. You get along with practically everyone, but there times when you would just love to get away from it all.


If you prefer the marquise, then you are probably always on the go. You are sometimes daring, usually charming, and very much creative. Turmoil and excitement are welcome, with family taking a back seat to career and outside challenges.

The Heart Shape

Those who choose the heart are of course much more sentimental. You must be romanced tenderly, and your birthday should never be forgotten by a significant other. You can overlook others’ faults, and expensive gifts are not necessary. However, it is important to note that your ego must be constantly nurtured. And thoughtful gifts can win your heart.

Princess Cut

Ah, the Princess Cut. It too is a combination of other shapes (Round and Square Emerald Cut, and their traits). Because of its sharp corners, and its brilliant style cutting (triangular shaped facets as opposed to rectangular shaped facets), the round plays a much more significant role in personality traits than the square emerald cut. And its name also plays a major role in who prefers the shape. To wear a princess, you must feel like a princess. If you prefer the princess cut, it might be fair to say that you have been a fan of Disney princesses throughout your life. Your fascination with real life princesses may also suggest that this is more than just a fad. It is a personality, one that enjoys the fantasy. You are a dreamer, wouldn’t mind a tiara to go a long with the ring. You tend to enjoy life more when you are with lots of people, but you can be quite romantic when you are treated like royalty.

Emerald Cut / Asscher Cut (Square Emerald Cut)

You are disciplined, organized, careful, decisive, and have little tolerance for the lack of discipline with the younger generation. Everything must be in order and in its place. You have leadership and executive capability. You are honest and open, and you expect to be treated the same.

Well, did it work for you? Does your choice of diamond shape match your personality? Let us know how this went for you! Send us a note here.

Roskin Gem News Report
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